Learning Encaustic Painting in the UK

Most people who have heard of encaustic in the UK are familiar with the thin wax style ironed over shiny cards.

This is not how I work.

Books by Woolf, Mattera, Rankin, Belto and Baldwin Seggebruch
Encaustic art books

I prefer to build up layers of wax on a rigid support, usually a wooden panel. This enables me to add inclusions, build the wax up, carve into it, scrape back, fill in and generally create thick textures as well as the luminous colours wax provides.

Most artists actively working this way are in the US, the web gives us access to numerous videos and books take us deeper still.

I took my first steps via an on-line class.

If you would like an actual class to attend the only people* currently offering this style in the UK are:

  • Dawn Brimicombe of Blue birds at dawn
  • Julie Ann of Julie Ann’s Gallery she offers both styles, calling what I do “R&F style” after one of the American companies that supplies encaustic wax

I have not met either of these teachers and so cannot say anything more than their websites say for them.

* If you know of others offering this style please comment and I’ll add them in – thank you!


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