All taped up

The Encaustic Studio book by Daniella WoolfThings to do before starting to paint…

#1 Tape

In her book, Encaustic Studio, Daniella Woolf, suggests taping the bottom of all encaustic work to avoid accidentally marking walls later on.

She makes a vivid case for this – stating how disastrous it could be to mark someone’s wallpaper whilst they are previewing your work in their own home.

Even, if you are not planning on selling your work and have no worries about marking your own walls, taping really does make it easier to clean up at the end; something you may need to do simply to get them to lie flat!

Small cradled boards with tape on their bases.
6″x 6″ boards, 50mm deep

I now tape all board’s bases before letting them anywhere near my wax.

I may also tape the sides – but that depends on how I’m planning to finish them.

I usually like them to show that they are wood and prefer to just have a coat or two of medium on them. This means tape helps me to remove the inevitable drips easily.

BUT — The blue painters tape is such a powerful colour that it makes it harder to contemplate the final effect of the work as a whole whilst  it is in place.

This is one block out of my nearly finished work: Scraping Through (previously 3×3-4x4s)

Small square with tape and wax 4"x 4" panels, 50mm deep from side


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