How I began in Encaustic

In 2011 I began to paint in encaustic. I took Judy Wise‘s on-line class in Hot Wax, which ran for four weeks. There were new videos every weekday and a round-up of questions and answers on Saturdays. It was inspiring to see the new video each day and to wonder about experimenting with all the techniques. At the time Judy said it would be the only run through the class she would supervise but she has made the material available as an ebook.

Black foreground with carving that reveals colours
Ammonite (detail) in Encaustic by Caroline

The colours in the ammonite shown are from encaustic paints that I made by mixing medium and oil paint. When using oil paints with the wax there is no need for turps or other solvents…. heat is the wax’s solvent.

Warning – Painting in Encaustic is highly addictive – if you start you may find yourself, like me, needing to move house simply to have a suitable studio!


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